YOU cannot find exactly the correct colours?  Then Servitex is your supplier for development of your personal colours, colourmanagement and supply of your swatchmaterial. We work with a number of standard qualities such as; poplin, forty-five Jersey, satin (side) and polyamide. Moreover own material also your (T-shirts) can become used to realise your colours.



Based on your chosen colours and method of delivery, such as yarn, fabric sample, paper, QTX files, your colours will be developed on a final quality of your choice (poplin, satin etc).


Should you approve the additional labdip swatch of material to order we have
various delivery options for such roles and holders of 12 cm x 150 cm (Poplin)
and 50 cm x 150 cm (Satin).


Specialty: Fluorescent Colours


Servitex offers colour measurement equipment, which we measure colours under different light sources.
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